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Project Description

WsdlWorks is a web service test tool integrated into Visual Studio. Simply create a new WsdlWorks project, enter your web service's WSDL URL and WsdlWorks will automatically create tests for all your operations including example SOAP requests.


Current Status

I've just uploaded the WsdlWorks source here on CodePlex. To run it you'll need to have .NET 3.0 and the Visual Studio SDK and you'll have to run it under the Visual Studio experimental hive. At the moment it's probably only of interest if you are creating custom project types with the Visual Studio SDK, because it shows how to create non-language non-MSBuild projects.

My next task is to obtain a package load key and release an installer for WsdlWorks. Hopefully that should be soon.

Please visit my blog: for more stuff on me and what I'm up to. My first post on WsdlWorks is here

Thanks for checking out WsdlWorks!
Mike Hadlow

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